Due to its extraordinary potential and specific regional history East-Prussian archaeology belongs to the most exciting fields of research in European archaeology. For historical reasons it has played a subordinate role in public perception. An important aspect of the project is therefore the training and encouragement of young scientists, comprising among others courses and internships at the universities and project institutions in Berlin, Kiel and Schleswig. Another focus is on providing opportunities for professional development, and on the moral and ideal support of master theses and dissertations on East-Prussian subjects. These are usually based on pre-war sources from archives and museums, with particular emphasis, however, on the application of modern methods of investigation and current research approaches. Since the beginning of the project in 2012 East-Prussian research issues are continually treated in academic works. In the following you can find information about the graduates and their subjects:

Agata Chilińska-Früboes

Nina Dworschak

Judith Fütterer

Cecilia Hergheligiu

Dominik Janiszewski

Annika Sirkin

Izabela Szter

Hans Whitefield