Judith Fütterer

Judith Fütterer studied Prehistoric Archaeology at the FU Berlin and completed her master’s degree in 2016. Now, she is a doctoral candidate in the graduate program ›Landscape Archaeology and Architecture‹ at the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies.

Subject of the Master’s Thesis

›Silber oder Zinn? Eine archäometrische Fallstudie an oberflächenveredelten Bronzeobjekten aus dem Gräberfeld von Oberhof, Kr. Memel, im ehemaligen Ostpreußen‹

Judith Fütterer’s work involves chemical analyses of objects from the grave site in Oberhof, today Aukštkiemiai in Lithuania. At the centre of attention are the production and metal coating of the bronze artifacts. Her study focuses on archaeometrical analyses of the finds from the former Prussia Museum in Königsberg, part of which is stored at the Museum for Pre- and Early History in Berlin. The analyses were carried out in cooperation with the Rathgen Research Laboratory of the National Museums in Berlin.

Selected Publications

J. Fütterer, S. Krebstakies, Ch. Reich, H. Eilbracht, I. Reiche u. S. Schwerdtfeger, Silber oder Zinn? Kaiserzeitliche Objekte mit Oberflächenveredelung aus dem Gräberfeld von Oberhof (Aukštkiemiai). Acta Praehistorica et Archaeologica 50, 2018, 323­­–383.