prussia museum digital

In spite of war losses, numerous archival documents and archaeological finds, the results of more than 150 years of research in East Prussia, are still preserved. At present, these artefacts from the former Prussia Museum in Königsberg are scattered all over Europe, and thus taken out of their scientific contexts, together with the related information. Our central task is therefore to restore this network of information within a virtual setting. For this purpose, an extensive database (easydb) titled ›prussia museum digital‹ has been developed in cooperation with Programmfabrik (Berlin).

Greater parts of the Königsberg collections are now kept in Berlin, Kaliningrad/Königsberg in Russia and Olsztyn/Allenstein in Poland. As a first step, the items deposited in the Museum for Pre- and Early History in Berlin were digitalized between 2012 and 2014. Parallel to this, a database tailored to the specific requirements of a museum was developed, providing access to scientific information related to East Prussian pre-war archive material and finds. Our objective is to adequately manage this comprehensive corpus and make it available for international research via an online portal.

This portal is currently in the process of testing and will be made available for specialized scientific use in autumn 2020.